5 Spots You Can Hike At This Weekend 

Orange County is known for its gorgeous beaches but you cannot forget the amazing hiking trails all around this county! Continue reading below to find out which trails we think you'll love most. 

El Moro Canyon

This hike is located in Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach. The great thing about this hike is you'll have a variety of trails to choose from, but the trail I would recommend to start at is Coastal Peak Park. Start at that trailhead and follow the Pacific Ridge Trail heading towards the ocean. This will turn into Muddy Canyon and from there the choice is yours! This is about a 2-3 hour hike, mostly downhill in the start but as you cut through the canyon you'll have to make your way back up to the canyon. Bring plenty of water! 

Walker Canyon

This next trail may not be in Orange County (riverside county) but with this gorgeous 'super bloom' this season we had to put this in here. This hike is more relaxed than most mainly just taking in the views of all the poppy seeds. With this bloom being so large compared to previous years, you'll want to plan on getting there early. Crowds are not as bad when the canyon was first opened but it's still best to plan accordingly. I have never seen anything like this bloom before! The fields are so captivating with its bright orange color that when you're driving down the 15 you literally cannot miss them! A lot of pictures will be taken!

Water Tank Trail 

Another trail we suggest that's located in Laguna Beach. If you want a bit more of a challenging workout then I would highly recommend Water Tank! A quick go to spot that will guarantee to get those glutes and quads fired up! Only a short 15/20 minute climb to its peak but you will be rewarded with one of the best views of Laguna overlooking the Pacific and the gorgeous homes along the cliffs. If you want to hike longer just continue down the trail until you hit Bommer Ridge Trail and from there plenty more choices of lateral trails that intersect with others. A local favorite with the steepest grade in all of Laguna!! Make your way to this trail!! 

P.S. Dogs are technically not allowed but I have seen dogs on the trail and never seen a problem, so don't forget your buddy at home.  

Red Rock Canyon 

I know what your thinking just by looking at this photo, "this can't be in Orange County." Trust me I thought the same thing when I came across this beautiful trail, located in Lake Elsinore. Being a red rock canyon I thought for sure it was somewhere in Nevada or Northern Arizona. Anyways this trail is a little on an easier side with it mostly being a flat terrain, however, that makes it great for everyone! It rounds out to around a four-mile hike but will give you the feel as if you're in Arizona. Beautiful scenery at the end of your hike with views unusual to Orange County. Happy trails! 

Bedford Peak Trail 

This last hike located in Silverado Canyon is a tough one, but with a big payoff! The trail is around 7 miles long in which you climb about 2000 feet in just 3 miles! Make sure to hydrate because this one will certainly get your heart pumping. Although it's tough you are rewarded with stunning views of Catalina Island, Mt. Baldy, and Saddleback Mountain. Seems like the hardest things in life always have the biggest payoffs! The bulk of climbing on this hike starts right from the get-go, which I like because you get right into your hike/workout in which you can cool down on your way down allowing you to take in those sweet views. With a heavy season of rain and now spring, the mountain is covered in green and beautiful wildflowers. 

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