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One of the hardest things to do when selling your home.

Robert & Cynthia Rivera

“We work as hard for you and your family as we work for ours.” This is the promise that Robert and Cynthia Rivera make to everyone they represent....

“We work as hard for you and your family as we work for ours.” This is the promise that Robert and Cynthia Rivera make to everyone they represent....

Dec 12 4 minutes read

It is never easy to part ways with a home that you have so many memories in. I mean, a lot of us have raised families in our house that we are now selling. But, the fact is when you are looking to sell your house or your house is on the market you have to stop looking at yourself as a home seller and the emotions that carry and you have to start looking at it like a business transaction. I have seen deals be lost in the past because a seller held too much emotional value in the house that they were listing on the market. 

Now, I know it can be hard to not have a ton of emotional value in the house. You might of lived in this house your whole life, have had so many good memories with friends and family, etc. But, the fact of the matter is that it doesn't really matter to the eventual buyer of the house. Yes, the improvements you did to make the house better will increase the value of your house and those things do matter. It is just all the memories that were made, and the emotions you feel toward your house just do not matter or carry value to the seller. There also might of been things that do need upgrading within the house, that might work perfectly fine to you, but to a home inspector or a potential buyer are going to be marked as something that needs to be upgraded.

I recently just went through a scenario with a home seller who had their home on the market. We received an offer that was above asking price and the sellers were happy. But, when a home inspector got out there he recommended a new roof to be put on the house. This is when my buyers started to get emotional about the property, saying that "the roof works perfectly fine and has never leaked ever". Which could be true, but to someone who is buying a $800,000 house they are going to want to make sure the roof is going to work perfect for the next 20 years to come. The buyers had asked my seller for a $10,000 credit so they could upgrade the roof on the house. At first, the sellers did not want to budge on giving them a credit for the roof, because to them it works perfectly fine and the buyers were demanding in the fact that they think it was very fair. 

At this time, I thought that the deal was going to fall through and we were going to have to go back to square one with generating offers. Fortunately, in this case we were able to get the deal done because the buyers and sellers were able to meet in the middle. The buyers did get a roof put on immediately on their new house. So, this was just an example of how emotions almost killed the deal. In the grand scheme of things in a $800,000 transaction $10,000 is not that much and in the instance that it was going towards something that was recommended from the home inspector it was very fair. When you are getting ready to sell your house you have to take a business owner standpoint and handle the transaction like a business transaction. At the end, of they day the number one goal is to get the most for your house and what it is worth.

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