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5 Ways To Say Goodbye To Summer

Robert Rivera

Robert has almost two decades in the Orange County real estate industry experience and hundreds of closed transactions...

Robert has almost two decades in the Orange County real estate industry experience and hundreds of closed transactions...

Sep 12 4 minutes read

It may still be 90 degrees but when September turns to October the nights are cool, the mornings crisp, and you find yourself back to the daily hustle and bustle of working, driving kids to school, homework, cooking dinner and so much more! Before you say that final goodbye to summer and jump into the reality of a busy fall, make sure you squeeze in a few more days of fun in the sun.  Fire up the grill,  raise your glasses and cheers the last few days of another wonderful summer. Here are 5 great ways to kiss summer goodbye.

1. Have a picnic – 

Pack a blanket, sandwiches and drinks, then head outside.  You can go to the park, the beach or even your own backyard.  Picnics are fantastic fun for families.  Let your kids play as you take in the sunset and enjoy listening to the sound of their laughter and fun.   Push bedtime just a little bit later than usual to savor the end of the day and the season and reflect on all the summer fun you’ve had.

2. Eat an ice cream cone. 

There's nothing better on a hot September evening than the cool, refreshing feeling of sweet ice cream.  Send summer off with a bang by putting aside your plans for dinner and have an all out ice cream dinner instead.  Forget the kid scoops, encourage the kids to get sundaes piled high with toppings. Whether you make these treats at home or splurge and go to your local ice cream shop, i guarantee your kids will have a blast!

3. Plan a movie day .

Make it a  Netflix evening and let the kids choose a few movies they’d love to watch with you. Stock up on popcorn, drinks, and movie candy.   Dim the lights and turn your living room into a kid-friendly theater! My kids love when we get to watch a movie together, especially when it is their pick!  

4. Go to an amusement park.

 Nothing says goodbye to summer better than a roller coaster!  Feel like a kid again as you are screaming your head off with your hands held high and being turned up side down.  Your kids will love running around a busy amusement park with you.  Getting on all their favorite rides, eating lots of junk food that you paid way too much money for, and splurging on some glow in the dark swag when night time comes.  This one is sure to make the memory bank for years to come!

5. Starry Night.

 Forget sending the kids to bed, instead send them outside! Lay out a big blanket, bring out some hot chocolate and of course some wine for you and  lay under the night sky searching for constellations,  shooting stars, and a great beautiful moon.  It takes our eyes a while to adjust to the dark, so keep looking up! After five or ten minutes you’ll be amazed at how many more stars you see than you did when you first came outside!

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