"Finding the perfect home for our kids"

The Hillon's initial fears were finding the perfect home to raise their young children in. They were afraid of not being able to find the perfect sized house, in the perfect location, and in the city, they so badly wanted to live in. Luckily, Rich met me on a golf course 5 years before and said that day when he is ready to sell he would call me, so I was the first agent he got in contact with. We were able to get their previous house on the market and get It sold quickly, so we can then work on getting them into their new dream home. 


Why they contacted Robert

The Hillon's reason for moving is they had outgrown their previous home with their young kids growing older. Both working busy schedules they needed to find a real estate professional who could really execute on what they needed to do in selling their current home and helping them find the perfect new home. They were looking for a house in a great community in Anaheim Hills close to schools and well-sized so as their family grew they could grow into the house. 

Why The Rivera Team?

 Richard and Robert Met at a golf outing 5 years prior to actually working together. Rich said immediately when connecting he could see the character that Robert had. The rest of the day was great as they got to know each other. Later that day Rich told Robert that when he was ready to sell, although he had no idea when that was, he would give him a call. Well, 5 years later Rich gave Robert a call and Robert was able to help them out.

"Robert was an absolute pleasure to work with. Through the whole process, he demonstrated his expertise and care. He really made this as smooth and easy as possible"

What Stuck Out To You?

What stuck out to my clients the most is how quickly we were able to get their house sold. The most difficult thing was making sure on the home buying side that we were showing them homes that fit the description of what they were looking for. How we made sure we found the perfect home is by canvassing the area and neighborhoods to get an in-person feel if the neighborhood would be a good fit for them.   

How Was Robert Rivera Different?

Wow, from the start Robert really showed his expertise by how quickly he got things moving for us. We had to sell our home and find a new one and he just made everything so easy for us even during the COVID times. His marketing strategy to sell our home worked just as he said and his knowledge of the area we were looking to buy really helped in finding the perfect home for us. Like he mentioned in the beginning "It matters who you work with" and throughout all the steps he demonstrated what he means by that.  

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Why Did Your Home Sell So Quick?

In the end, the house sold quickly cause we took all the right steps. We got the house staged so it would look absolutely stunning online since we can't do open houses. We put a Marketing plan together on Facebook and Instagram to put a ton of eyeballs on their property to generate interest. Once we combined a beautiful online presence and a ton of eyeballs from different online sources everything went perfectly according to plan. 

Rich and Missy's Advice to You

If you're considering selling your home, my advice would be to give Robert a call. The first thing he said to me was "It matters who you work with" and he showed us how important that really is throughout the whole time. There is a reason he is a premier agent in our area and that is because he delivers real results. If you are looking to buy or sell and want to work with someone who is going to make your life easy you HAVE TO give Robert a call. 

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